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Creative communication in print

PAPERBACKS. Perfect bound or section sewn

Paperback books with digitally printed pages can contain any number of pages provided there is enough bulk in the spine to ensure a strong binding. Pages with colour content can be inserted at any position within the book. Our minimum print run is 50 copies.

For print runs above 500 copies, litho printing is often more economical, but the page count must necessarily be a multipe of 16 pages. Colour pages are more economically positioned as either sections or as one side of one or more printed sections, the fall of the colour pages being determined by the imposition. We can advise on the most economical use of colour at the book planning stage.

HARDBACKS. Case bound with dust jacket or PPC.

In the traditional hardback book format, the boards to make the cases are covered in cloth, leather, or a substitute material, and lettering is embossed onto the spine and/or front and back cover. A dust-jacket can accompany this format. With the more modern format the case boards are covered with a pre-printed cover (PPC) that may be covered wih a gloss or matt lamination to protect the book. A PPC removes any need for a dust-jacket. As with paperbacks the internal pages can be printed digital or litho, or a combination of these. We are always available to advise on the layout of a book with a view to making the most of print resources and budget.

FULL COLOUR PUBLICATIONS. Childrens' books, magazines, journals.

From around 500 copies to long print runs litho printing provides the ideal solution in terms of cost, quality and production time. Saddlestitch, wiro-binding, perfect binding and case binding with sewn section finishing options are available.

ART PRINTS. High quality digital or litho prints from original or digitally created art.

Limited or mass market art prints are available in a range of sizes from A5 up to A2, in mono, duotone, 4-colours, or up to 8-colours, on a wide range of material using letterpress, digital or litho printing techniques.

PUBLISHER SERVICES. A range of services for publishers.

In addition to printing and binding we provide a range of service for self-publishers and small presses including: book distribution, marketing services, online presence (website and eshop design and hosting), translation services and book fair representation.