Collaborative Publishing - DokuWiki login

Writing a book may be a solitary excercise for most authors but the writing of a book may also involve a collaborative effort. For instance, several members of a family may be collarborating on a family history but live in different parts of the globe. The problem is how to keep track of the latest version, work on the files when the other authors are unavailable, or colaborate at the same time.

Our solution is an implementation of DokuWiki, which can be accessed from the link above, is a document wiki which enables multiple-users to collaborate on the same document. Here are some of its features:

Section Editing allows editing of small parts of a page
Toolbar and accesskeys make editing easy for both beginners and professionals
Easy navigation through breadcrumbs
Automatic table of contents generation
Locking to avoid edit conflicts
Automatic save to avoid content loss during editing
Access control allows only members of a group access to pages.
Support for over 50 languages
Index-based fast fulltext search


Accessing the DokuWiki

The DokuWiki is only open to registered users. Please contact us with details of your project and your team and we will register the users in the DokuWiki and send the them their login and password details via email.

Once your manuscript is completed we will downloaded it for typesetting and printing.