Samples are an important part of assuring yourself that the specification of your book will actually result in an end product that meets your requirements, and a reassurance of the quality of print and finish that we can achieve.

With over 10 years of digital and 20 years of litho printing experience we have samples that cover all the types of product we offer - paperback, hardback, jounal etc - and we are always happy to provide samples to support our quotes.

Shoud your requirements be so unusual as not to be covered by our range of samples, we would always consider producing a bespoke sample or element of a publication for which there is any doubt about the final product. Please note that a bespoke sample would be finished by hand and therefore would be representative of the finished artice but not necessarily identical to a machine finished job. As such it would have to be assessed in conjunction with similar machine finished products.

Request for samples can be made at the time of asking for a quote or at any time afterwards.

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